Interact with our neighbours

As one of the first Australian universities to offer a degree in modern Asian studies, Griffith has a decades-long reputation for being distinctly attuned to our region, and our country’s place within it. Australia’s role in the Asia–Pacific region has been a key focus at Griffith since our foundation, and it remains as important today as it was then.

Through our identified areas of opportunity, we can—and do—make a difference across our region, creating a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous Asia–Pacific in the process.

Understanding our neighbours

It is critical for Australia to better understand our dynamic Asia–Pacific neighbourhood—including the diversity of languages, cultures, political systems, histories and aspirations that it represents. We work closely with partner universities across the region in areas spanning business and trade, tourism, diplomacy and even archaeology.


Griffith has long been a place that has benefitted from the presence and partnership of people from our region. Funding support to bring today’s leaders in politics, research, cultural and sporting life, and business to Griffith will provide our students with opportunities to learn and our staff with opportunities to partner.

Justice, democracy 
and the rule of law

In service of our commitment to empower people and communities across the Asia–Pacific region, the Griffith Asia Institute leads a significant body of policy relevant research that elevates and amplifies equality and justice in the region. Our researchers are working to inform policy and practice in the region and beyond, with the goal of promoting more inclusive, just and resilient societies for all.

“Sport can be a powerful tool for national identity and diplomacy. We work with our Asia-Pacific neighbours to uplift their performance and enable them to go home with new knowledge that they can share with others in their community.”

Caroline Riot
Director, Games Engagement and Partnerships

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