Connect our communities

At Griffith, we’ve always believed in the power of community. We are vocal champions of collaboration, knowing that we can go much further together than we ever could alone. We also know that it is only through building strong communities—both within our campuses and throughout the suburbs and cities in which they lie—that we can strengthen the bonds that keep Australia cohesive and vibrant.

Through our identified areas of opportunity, we’re working to build stronger, more inclusive communities, addressing society’s key challenges and complexities by promoting collaboration and collective action:

Supporting the arts

As the home of renowned institutions such as the Queensland College of Art, Griffith Film School and the Queensland Conservatorium, we believe in the power of the arts. That’s why we’re committed to providing our students and the wider community, including in regional Queensland, with access to high-quality artistic experiences and opportunities for creative expression.

Disrupting violence

Launched in 2021, our Disrupting Violence research program seeks to address violence in all its forms through interdisciplinary research, innovation and collaboration. This initiative brings together experts from across the University who study the causes and effects of violence to explore and develop practical solutions to reduce its impact on individuals, communities and societies.

Overcoming inequality

Recently, in partnership with generous donors, we began designing a community research program to break the cycle of disadvantage and create a lasting impact for communities facing similar challenges across Queensland and Australia.

Griffith is working together with communities to promote capacity, reform and community empowerment within the Logan services sector, knowing that we can go much further together than we ever could alone.

Community partner Dr Inez Fainga'a-Manu Sione
with Professor Andrew Harvey, Director of Pathways

Impact stories

A group of students performing on stage

Power of music

Connecting the industry best with aspiring students determined to succeed. 

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