Prioritise our planet

Since our earliest years, we have recognised the importance of protecting the environment around us. Increasingly, this value is reflected in the beliefs and actions of our staff, students and community. They want to protect the planet to ensure a liveable future for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

With your support, we can address our key areas of opportunity and work to protect the precious and beautiful Australian—and global—environment that sustains us.

Griffith Climate Action Beacon

As one of our key points of focus, climate action is a challenge Griffith takes seriously. That’s why our researchers are dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net zero emissions economy and building capacity for a climate-resilient future; enabling climate action at the individual, community, organisational and governmental levels; and ensuring that climate actions are fair, equitable and just.

Disaster and resilience management

Griffith is a leader in research on disaster and resilience management. From developing new technologies and methods for predicting and mitigating the impacts of disasters to improving the effectiveness of emergency response and recovery efforts, our researchers are exploring innovative, equitable and sustainable solutions for the world’s intensifying disasters.

Technologies for 
a greener future

Sustainability is one of the fundamental principles guiding all we do as a university, and a core part of that ideal is the development of new technologies for a greener future. In areas such as energy, transport and resource management, our researchers are collaborating with partners around the world to drive healthy, clean and sustainable environments, both now and in the future.

“Protection of primary forests is now at a critical point—if we are unable to protect our primary forests, we will not reach global climate action targets or the goals 
of the new Global Biodiversity Framework.”

Professor Brendan Mackey
Program Director, Griffith University Climate Action Beacon

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