Transform health outcomes

In recent years we have all seen extraordinary medical break-throughs in many areas of health and Griffith University is now taking its place as a serious contributor to medical innovations.

We have three immediate areas of opportunity where we know funding can make a material difference for people’s health:

Saving lives from 
infectious diseases

Griffith has experts working to understand and overcome the world’s most serious infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, several neglected strains of tropical disease, and malaria. This makes responding to infectious disease one of the most pressing challenges we face as an institution and global society.

Reimagining disability—creating an inclusive future

To help improve outcomes for people living with spinal cord injury and other disability, Griffith researchers are developing new assistive technologies and design solutions that improve accessibility and quality of life, helping to create a more inclusive future and world.

Transforming mental 
health care

Griffith researchers focus on key areas including child and youth mental health, suicide research and prevention, mental health training and more. Together, they’re developing new technologies and interventions that enhance access to mental health care, improve diagnostic accuracy, and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

This whole parasite malaria vaccine is the first of its kind because it could be freeze-dried into a powder or frozen without losing its effectiveness. This means it can be easily deployed into malaria endemic countries.

Associate Professor Danielle Stanisic 
Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Glycomics 

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